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Fluky's Products


What are the two things Chicago is known for? Hot Dogs & Pizza !!! Fluky's Hot Dogs and Polish Sausage are rated #1 in the City of Chicago. They are the home of the Original Chicago Style Hot Dog. Fluky's first started in 1929 on Maxwell and Halsted Streets in Chicago. They carried all the character and romance for which Chicago Street Merchants were famous, and Fluky's reputation as having the best "Hot Dog" in the city started to grow. In 1932, a second Fluky's was opened, and then in 1935, a third and a fourth in 1936.

Fluky's became known for its "Depression Sandwich" - a Hot Dog with mustard, relish, onion, pickles, pepper, lettuce, tomatoes and french fries FOR ONLY $.05! Fluky's reputation was built on good food, good service and good will through the hard times of the depression. Many youngsters - and adults, too - who didn't have the $.05 were fed anyway. It is the same tradition that is carried on today in it's Chicagoland location.

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