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Fontanini Italian Beef

The Taste You'll Remember!

Fontanini Italian beef is an industry leader served at premium restaurants and major stadium outlets nationwide, including Chicago's very own Bulls and Blackhawks. The name Fontanini came from the Italian saying "Il Fontanini Sono“ meaning the Italian Dream. The company started from the dream of one Italian immigrant from Northern Italy, Oriano Fontanini. With only $5.00 in his pocket, he began to take on different jobs, with the vision of one day owning his own business. A generation, and almost a century later Fontanini is one of the largest Italian Beef distributors in the City of Chicago. Using only premium cuts, their beef is slow roasted to perfection, then sliced wafer-thin for maximum flavor in every bite.

Ship Fontanini Italian Beef (restaurant style!) anywhere in the USA!