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S. Rosen's Bread

S. Rosen's Baking


Born in Poland in 1886, Samuel Rosen apprenticed himself at the age of nine to baker in Germany and was only twelve years old when he was awarded his Master Baker's Certificate. That year he left for the United States, arriving in New York, where he started work in a small bakery. In 1961 Samuel handed the reigns of the business to his son Donald. Since that time, the S.Rosen's name has continued to grow in popularity, becoming something of a legend not only in Chicago, but also throughout the United States. Today the Rosen family continues the tradition of producing America's finest variety breads.

As well as the must-have hot dog and hamburger buns for a homesick Chicagoan, S.Rosens also make Chicago the home of Hawaiian toaster bread and extra-thick sliced Hawaiian Texas toast -- great for PB&J or the world's best French toast. But keep it with the cookies on a high shelf, or the kids might eat the whole bag plain!

Getting back to Samuel Rosen's old-world roots, S.Rosen's bakery still produces the finest, hearty rye breads: seeded and plain; dark, light and marble; sandwich-sized and PARTY-SIZED for easy snack trays at your next party.

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